Treatment of the water produced in oilfieldsy

Treatment of the water produced in oilfields

Waterfine also consider the water treatment services for the produced water in the oilfield by providing services for the systems containing produced water as follows:
Chemical application program review.
Field chemical product development and optimization.
Laboratory analytical services.
Field services.
Process and chemical application trouble shooting.
Chemical application implementation and development.
Water Well Chemical Solutions-
Waterfine offer a summary of chemical solutions such as:

Production Optimization

> Demulsifies
> Deoiler and Reverse Demulsifier – Cationic / Anionic / Non-ionic
> Antifoam products for Gas / Oil systems and Amine / Glycol systems and Seawater injection
> Foamers for Water / Condensate loaded systems
> Naphthenate deposition inhibition / dissolving and Emulsion resolution.


> Biocide products as Oxidizers and Non-Oxidizers
> Oxygen Scavengers
> Corrosion Inhibitors for Gas Systems, Oil Systems, Water Systems
> H2S Scavenger products as Amine and Non-Amine
> Hydrotest products as Cocktails, Fluorescence Dye


> Scale Inhibitor products for Carbonate, Sulphate or Carbonate/ Sulphate combined.
> Scale Dissolvers

Flow Assurance

> Asphalthene Inhibitors
> Defoamers
> Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) for oil and water systems
> Foamers, Foam Control – Liquids & Sticks
> Friction Reducers
> H2S Scavengers
> Hydrate Inhibitors
> Paraffin Inhibitors
> Paraffin/Asphalthene Dispersants
> Paraffin Solvents
> Surfactants
> Viscosity Reducers


> Field Treatment Chemicals
> Pigging Gels:

We support our clients in operability and lifecycle reviews of their assets, commissioning of plant / equipment, process and chemical.
Optimization, best operating practices as well as knowledge transfer and also operator awareness training.
In addition to hands-on services, we provide a range of technical studies and modeling, covering production chemistry, flow assurance, and Integrity issues. For example, risk modeling for asphalting formation, wax deposition, scaling potential, naphthenate solids / carboxylate
Emulsions, hydrates, emulsion tendencies, separation characteristics and corrosion levels.
Total System Analysis (TSA)
> Field system audit (offshore / onshore)
> Chemical application program review

Technical Support & Development (TS&D)
> Field Chemical product development & optimization
> Laboratory analytical & modeling services

Chemical Managed Services (CMS)
> Field services
> Process and Chemical application trouble shooting
> Chemical application implementation & development
> Supply chain & logistics

Corrosion Integrity Managed Services (CIMS)
> Monitoring program design and implementation
> Sourcing and installation monitoring equipment
> Retrieval and analytical services
> Database management

Reservoir Management Services
> Reservoir souring and management
> Modeling

Supply of Chemical Injection Systems
> Standard or Custom design injection systems
> Automatic Launchers for Stick Deployment Maintenance and Services.