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Our Services

Water Well Construction

The well is the most common way to obtain groundwater suitable for human use, and in implementation of the integrated development plan by finding renewable water sources and creating water wells in an environmentally friendly way, Waterfine is implementing a project that is a productive feasibility study with scientific measures on the basis of which it drills wells with high technology, which helps to create a project commensurate with the quantities of available water.

Water Well Logging

Borehole geophysical logging is a procedure to collect and transmit specific information about the geologic formations penetrated by a well by raising and lowering a set of probes or sondes that contain water-tight instruments into the well. The data collected can be used to determine general formation geology, fracture distribution, vertical borehole flow, and water-yielding capabilities.

Water Well Pumps System

A water system is needed to pump the water out of the well to the surface and deliver it under pressure to the place where you will be using it. A typical home water system consists of a pump, a pitless adapter and a pressure storage tank.

Solar Pumping System Structure

Providing energy through the solar system is more economic and environmental and to achieve sufficiency and meet the growing need for this service, Waterfine is your source for providing all solar energy services through the presence of a team of experts to select all required equipment based on preliminary information and calculations, in addition to supporting customers with the necessary consultation and training related to the system solar user.

Water Quality

In order to provide water of drinking quality grade, or suitable for industrial and agricultural needs, chemical, biological and physical analysis are required.

Treatment of the water produced in oilfields

Waterfine also consider the water treatment services for the produced water in the oilfield by providing services for the systems containing produced water.

Electronic cloud and data center services

With digital transformation emerging in almost every industry, local data center service providers aspire to offer services that match global public and private cloud services.